Data protection information

Dear business partner,

As of 25.05.2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) will apply. This European Union regulation standardises the rules for the processing of personal data by private companies and public bodies throughout the EU. Compliance with data protection regulations has always been handled with the utmost care in our company. Therefore, there are no serious changes for us. Please refer to the attached appendix for the legal changes and requirements brought about by the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Yours sincerely

Hotel Buschhausen Aachen
Roger Thomas

1. who is responsible for data processing

The data controller for the processing of personal data is Roger Thomas, Adenauerallee 215, 52066 Aachen


Tel:+49 241 60080

Our data protection officer can always be reached at the above email address


2. What data are processed

The implementation of our business relations requires the processing of data of our customers. Insofar as these data allow conclusions to be drawn about you as a natural person, they are personal data.


3. Master data

We process basic data about you and the business relationship we have with you, which we refer to collectively as master data. This includes in particular

    • All the information you provided to us when establishing the business relationship


    • those data which we have recorded in connection with the establishment of the business relationship


b.) History data: We process personal data that accrue in the course of the business relationship, which may go beyond a mere change to your master data and which we refer to as “historical data”. This includes in particular

    • Information about the services provided or accepted by you on the basis of the contracts concluded


    • Information about the services provided or accepted by us on the basis of the contracts concluded


    • Information that you provide to us in the course of the business relationship-either actively or a request from us,
    • personal data that we otherwise receive from you or from third parties in the course of our business relationship



4. For what purposes and on what legal bases do we process your data?


5. The processing of master and history data is carried out for the performance of existing contracts with you or for the performance of pre-contractual measures on the basis of Art.6, para. 1 b DSGVO


6. We may also process master and historical data to comply with legal obligations to which we are subject; this is done on the basis of Art 6, para. 1c DSGVO. These legal obligations include, in particular, the notifications to ( tax) authorities that are mandatory for us.


7. As far as necessary, we process your data beyond the execution, of the contracts concluded with you and the fulfilment of legal obligations also for the protection of our legitimate interests or interests of third parties; this is done on the basis of Art.6, Abs1f DSGVO.

Our interests include:

    • the unique identification of customers and for customer service


    • the assessment of creditworthiness and collateral


    • the preparation of statements/credit notes


    • the assertion of legal claims and the defence in legal disputes


    • the prevention and investigation of criminal offences


  • the management and further development of our business activities, including risk management, etc.


8 Insofar as we give you the opportunity to consent to the processing of personal data when establishing or in the course of the business relationship, we process the data covered by the consent for the purposes stated in the consent; this is done on the basis of Art.6, Avs.1cDSGVO.

Please note that


  • the granting of consent is voluntary vis-à-vis us and neither the granting nor the subsequent revocation has any influence on the performance of the business relationship,
  • the non-granting of consent or its subsequent revocation may nevertheless be associated with consequences of which we inform you prior to the granting of consent,
  • you can revoke consent given to us at any time with effect for the future, e.g. by notifying us by post, fax or e-mail via one of the contact channels mentioned on the first page of this data protection information.


9. Am I obliged to provide data?

The provision of the master data and sales data referred to in point 2 is necessary for the establishment and